Look at this picture. Do you know what it is? Is it a building or is it something else? Is it covered in fog or could it be tear gas falling from the sky? Or maybe it’s poison gas sent by our enemy to kill us all.

For me, the Lake Point Towers building (pictured above), which I’ll always think of as “The Flask” is a special building on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.

If you are a person who can look at the same things everyone else sees all the time and find something interesting, something unexplainable about it or just wonder how the heck does it work, you need to think about being a writer because you are truly needed.

There are a lot of poor souls out there who need your help. They need to forget that the coffee makes them wake up and remember that the sound of the percolator is like a tiny steam train revving up for the day.

Now…  I want you to sit down and write what this picture looks like to you. It can be a short story or just a little description. Either way, you can smile and know that today, you wrote something. As a writer, you accomplished something.

Feel free to share your ideas with me and my readers. Who knows something great could come rumbling out of the mist?!!!