We all talk about blogging. We meet someone new, tell them we’re a writer and send them to our blog. It’s the newest way to tell our family and friends what’s going on quickly. We talk about everything there. Its gotten to be similar to a public diary of our lives.

If you’re dating someone new, forgot to buy milk or if you found a mouse in your basement like I did, you probably blogged about it. The thing is, just how much of your life are you willing to tell the world? How much do you want to be reminded of later when you’re older and wiser? Did you really want everyone to know that you once called your best friend a…well it wasn’t nice was it?

The honest truth is, we need to be careful what we blog about. It can be dangerous. At the time, it may have seemed a useless detail, even a joke, but what would you do if one day you walked into the bookstore, picked up a book and read the story you’d spent the last two years writing and now it has someone else’s name on the cover?

We need to be careful. Everything is stolen on the web these days and we have to be sure we’re protected. That means we watch what we say and do when we’re on the internet. You can tell people that you’re writing, just don’t tell them everything. You can give them hints, just don’t make those teasers so easy that you give both your idea and plot away.

Leave something for your readers to pay for. Who wants to buy a book they already know the plot of? Would you buy it? I wouldn’t. So be wise, protect yourself. Be a writer of brains and caution when blogging. Blog safe!