You like to write so why don’t you? Let me tell you how you can.

  •     You don’t have anything to write about. (Wrong!!! Everything you do is worthy of writing about. What do you think writing is, some secret force only a few have?) Just do it. Write!
  •     You’re too busy. (Wrong!!! We’re all busy but we all find time to go to the bathroom don’t we? Now we wish we could skip that, but we can’t. Why should we skip what we want to do?) Just do it. Write!
  •     Your daughter needs a ride. (Wrong!!! You’ve got neighbors don’t you? Can’t they do it, after all don’t you do it for them?) Just do it. Write!
  •     The house looks like a wreck and you need to clean it. (Wrong!!! It’ll just get messy again in a few hours anyway when the family gets home.) You can do it then can’t you? Just do it. Write!

So what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you writing yet? Don’t tell me you can’t. You can. Now don’t sit there and give me excuses. Excuses don’t write books.

Just do it. Write!