Whoever said writing was simple, never put pen to paper. “It’s easy,” they say. “After all, I have a full time job and all you do is sit in front of the computer.”

Yea right! That’s it. That’s all we do? We sit all right, but there’s a heck of a lot of pacing too and it’s not all physical.

Words don’t just write themselves. We need tools like any working man. I’m talkin’ encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses, synonym books and coffee, gallons and gallons of coffee. Ok, so maybe I don’t drink coffee. But do you have any idea how many tea bags I go through?

Writing is a full time job. Our minds never stop thinking. While other people come home from work and put it behind them, we keep going. We can’t stop ourselves. A plot, a character, a damn sentence that just won’t lie down and die or leave us alone until we get it right. Seriously, all we do is sit? Are you kidding me?

Writing is not easy. It’s a chore. A chore we love and wouldn’t trade because if we could trade it, we would never be writing in the first place. Who needs that kind of strain anyway? Don’t we have enough in our lives already?

So when someone sits down, asks you what you do and then gives you that sad sorry look of, “Oh, that’s all you do,” don’t back down. Stand up for what you do. You have a full time job too. You just don’t get paid for it, unless you count joy as your payment and really that is more than payment in full.

Psst, give it time and you could be a bestseller. Then what would those annoying people do? They’d be falling all over themselves asking you what your inspiration was for that last book. Wouldn’t it be fun to tell them the character that annoyed them so much was modeled after them? Hey, we can dream can’t we?