Experience the tragic magic of air and water mixed…

All of us take things for granted. Though it might not be considered a good thing, it does keep us human. We believe that certain things should work all the time and when they don’t we can’t understand it.
For those inside Seattle’s King County Courthouse one day in 1989, the unspeakable happened. Unbeknown to the workers, something had been changed in regards to the water pipes. Someone had falsely connected an air compressor to it and what resulted was not so funny to those who had the misfortune of experiencing it.
Somewhere between 20 and 25 people that day, before the warning was out, went to the bathroom with the intent of doing their business and carrying on their day. They had no idea that the nightmare they’d had as a child was about to catch them unaware.
There was a flush, then a geyser as the toilet with all its unsavory contents exploded upon the poor flusher. While the building manager reported to the paper that an error had occurred, he only related that the unlucky victims of it had been soaked.
I don’t know about you, but I’d think twice before I used the facilities the next day if I were one of the unfortunate few to be, shall we say, rained on.