When you walk out your door you never know what you will be walking into. It may vary well be absolutely nothing but then again, it might be s something.
Since we can’t control the weather, our surroundings or the people we come across, life continues to be both a mystery and an adventure. From one minute to the next hundreds of possibilities present themselves.
As writers, the daily comings and goings of nameless neighbors could be the plot of our next book. It doesn’t matter if we live in the city or the country. Our characters can and invariably live anywhere. They can be good people or monsters. They may resemble family members (be careful to change them enough so they don’t easily recognize themselves) or that annoying kid in school who always seemed to know what to say to make you mad.
Characters and incidents come from our daily lives. We either met or endured it ourselves or listened while someone else went on and on about it. That leaky pipe that kept you up all night could cause your character to lose his job because he fell asleep on guard duty. The bank robber who got caught in the ceiling might turn into a man caught in the vault itself. The possibilities as a writer are indeed endless. Senseical or non-senseical, they serve humanity’s quirky humor.
All of us need to laugh. It releases so much that we don’t even realize is being pent up. When we see our hero finally stand up for himself, we cheer. After all, he’s only doing what we wish we had done years ago. The love story that ends happily reminds us why we said yes all those years ago.
So you can easily wee why writers and their characters are needed. They fulfill our hidden desires. They bring out feelings forward and make our lives fuller for having read them. Books can show us a new more enjoyable way. They represent hard work for the writer and an easy comfort to the reader.
Keep going. Your book is growing nearer to completions with every jot of the pen and every keystroke of the computer. A word, sentence, paragraph, page, chapter, section and then a book and it’s all done. Write one word at a time and soon your count will show great progress. Happy writing.