In the beginning it can be difficult to decide what to write. There are so many stories out there and all seem to be begging to be written at the same time. A writer must learn to choose what he or she feels most drawn to. That is the ultimate test.
For years my writing has taken many roads, followed many paths. From one day to the next I’ve changed from writing children’s short stories to poems to history pieces and even romantic novellas. All share a place in my heart and I regret writing none of them. However, one must learn to find ones own niche. Difficult this might be but it is a task we all must follow.
As a child I grew up with history. It became a part of me. I learned of events and people that were gone long before I came on the scene. My parents knew of them. My grandparents lived through them. I found the world rich with forgotten memories, forgotten faces and forgotten lives.
I slowly began to find my writing way. Though I continue to write everything that comes to mind, my focus has changed. I now write to tell a different story, one of heartbreak and loss followed by triumph. History tells of many strange events, most forgotten by time. I’ve taken on the task of reminding all who are willing that what once happened, should neither be overlooked nor repeated.
Join me on my quest. Write and tell me of what history has taught you that you feel needs to be remembered and why you feel so strongly about it.