In the midst of anguish, people who do not regard themselves as much, become extraordinary for they become heroes. In the pages of history can be found hundreds of stories where man became oppressed by not only circumstances beyond his control, but by ideas as well. Yet he has and forever will triumph.
At this time of year we remember those who have gone before us, men and women who gave their lives so that we might be free. When asked to serve, they did not cast their eyes downward. They did not bite their tongues. Most importantly they did not think only of self. These brave citizens stood tall and answered the call.
They understood that liberty is not free. They knew that to protect what they held dear, a battle had to be won. Whether the battle took place at home or on some distant shore meant little. They realized that death could be the cost, yet they did not think the price was too high.
This 4th let us think of our brave men and women in uniform. They have fought dozens of battles in dozens of countries. Some are buried here in honor, others in unmarked graves far across the ocean. They’ve kept the liberty for all Americans for hundreds of years. Day after day we will salute them, for our thanks can never repaid their sacrifices.
Past and present, the American soldier is our greatest hero. We will never forget. God bless the USA.

_____Grace Rellie