This is no sci-fi pic. This is real and though we’d like to forget we can’t. This tragic event that occurred on May 6th, 1937 is still a mystery.

In school I was taught that lightning hit the craft but I’d already seen the footage my teacher hadn’t and I told him, “No. ” Of course I backed up what I knew by bringing in a newsreel clipping of the event and proving my point.

Watch this short video and you tell me when lightning struck. It didn’t!

What Lowell Thomas thought and many other of his generation thought as well, is that the cause for the explosion was sabotage by the German government. Already war was brewing. As the largest flying object in the world, it would be a massive warning to all of the power Germany had.

The truth of the matter was that a storm had kept the craft from landing for several hours. If this hadn’t happened, the Zeppelin would have landed, all the people would have been gone from the field and only the craft would have been ruined.

Too bad mother nature stepped in. Things would have turned out quite differently.

But you decide.

Watch this and see what I’m talking about.