It’s summer here in the mid-west. Mostly the weather has been good, a cool summer. Then for no reason, Mr. Fahrenheit jumped from his cool cave and gave us the Sizzle in Summer.’

This time of year everything sticks. Doors swell and refuse to open or close without hard tugging and firm pushing. Sit down and when you stand up – well from your lower back to your behind, your clothes stick.

This means that for us lowly people who have the misfortune of no air in our cars, we have a different problem. If your car is like mine and has vinyl seats or you’re an upgraded person and have leather, you probably have found your legs glued to the seat when you attempted to get out or just plane moved. OUCH! Right?

Then of course, if you go out to the beach, swim in the local city pool or only sit in your own back yard and get a tan you have one more issue. You burn yourself and get sunburn.

In the end Summer equals sticking and peeling. We peel clothes from our bodies, bodies from car seats and our skin from our body.

SIZZLE, STICK and PEEL – the three words of SUMMER!

What are your summer words? Share them and see what others have to say.

P.S. If your area is all peaches and cream, please don’t torture us. We feel bad enough already.