Most people think that to write is to be alone. This isn’t always so. Or at least it doesn’t have to be. Even the most solitary writer can find one person to share their work with.

In years past it was much harder to find such a person. Now with the advent of the computer and the regularity of Internet use, we can find people to connect with a lot easier. There are websites, blogs and chat rooms. Each one of these can be found that centers on writers and their writing.

If you really want to share, there are even online writers groups. Many cater to a single genre but there are plenty that have a well-rounded mixture. If this is not how you would like to share, look in your local newspaper. New and established groups are often advertised there and you are sure to find your writing home.

I can not guarantee that you will find your fit on the first round. You may have to try a few groups on for size before finding the one that most works for you. However in the end, you will find your place.


Happy Writing!” If you truly want this life, you will find it. It’s all up to you.