Thoughts come at all times of the day or night. It seems that at the moment of their arrival, we can not always honor them. For to do them the justice they deserve, we would have to stop doing our job.

Imagine you are standing in line at the supermarket when all of a sudden your cashier stops ringing up an order and pulls out a pad of paper to begin her great American novel. Or maybe it is the customer at cash-out who has a sudden attack of the muse and they stop writing their check and begin a story.

As impractical as this sounds, this is what most writers struggle with. Ideas don’t always come at the most opportune times. They come when they want to. Though we may religiously set aside an hour or two each day to write, the ideas don’t come until we’re submerged in the tub and covered in bubbles.

Because of this, it becomes very important to have a good memory. When ideas strike we must learn to silently memorize that thought or sentence without forgetting what we are doing. At times it can be a challenge but in the end it is well worth it.

Just don’t forget that there is one time when your memory will fail you. Don’t try to memorize in hopes of putting your thoughts to paper in the morning. Keep a pad of paper, pen and flashlight beside your bed. Sleep will erase most brilliant sentences and as writer’s we can’t afford to lose them.

Memorize, Write & Succeed!