In all the world there is not a single soul exactly alike. Though there be twins that are identical in appearance and sound, below the surface there is an individuality that simply can not be discounted. Their thoughts may be similar at times but for all intents and purposes they are indeed two separate identities.

So to the writer is handed down the task of taking from life and adding traits. We must create in a single story many characters. Each must sound like one unto himself. The reader will not accept two characters with even a hint of alikeness. Thus we must be ever diligent to keep our own thoughts from creeping into that of our characters. We must add that special difference that signals to the reader that we have switched characters.

If we do our job correct, we could technically get away with writing an entire novel without ever using the aid of tag lines. We would never have to use a character’s name as a reference tool. Our readers would know exactly who was talking. They would understand so perfectly what the character wanted that we would hardly have to do anything. Or at least it would appear that way.

By no means is this a simple task. All of us are prone to write the same character in multiple stories. Yes, we change the characters name and sometimes we even change a gender but it is oh, so easy to fall back into what we have just finished and rewrite the same character’s story. All we would really be doing was changing a setting and time-frame. This we can not do. We must be diligent. We are writers, storyteller and artists. We translate to our readers what is going on. Without our lead, they would be lost. We can not allow that to happen. Do whatever you must to ensure that all your characters sound different and that in the end, they come alive.