With Garage Sale Season more than open now is the time for hunting. We can find those special bargains. With the price of antiques sadly down, now is the time to find that depression glass or Hepplewhite furniture you were looking at three years ago and couldn’t afford.

For myself, I’ve worked the Estate Sale business. I’ve learned the difference between original and reproductions. When I go shopping I look for the odd item. There are many antiques that are plentifully found and thus their worth has been drastically reduced. But what of that piece over there?
Sales can be found all over. I’ve been to ones on farms in the middle of nowhere. At times it seems like the sign leading the way was a joke. Wouldn’t you wonder if you’d been following it for over five miles and still there was nothing in sight? But hope is ever triumphant and I continue. I may finally arrive and find absolutely nothing.

Would you say it was worth it? At times I too would wonder but then I realize that in many ways it was a gift. First I’m not poorer. Second I’ve learned a valuable lesson. I now know my way around the country better. If I get lost in the future (which I’ve done) I have a better change of finding my way. There are new landmarks now and a road name will suddenly ring a bell. Can you believe it, I’ve found my way.

What’s your story? Have you gotten lost? What’s the best deal you ever had?


Ok, here’s an update. This past weekend I was cruising for a garage sale. Once again I ran into a brick wall of baby clothes and nothingness. There was no worthy items.
However I carried on and continued in the hopes that there might be something out there that I could use. I went through a quarter tank of gas and I never left my own town. However, I did find something. I found an oak drop-down coffee table on a lawn of a vacant house. The table had FREE on it. I took it and was punished by all Monday, cleaning and getting rid of other things all so that my beautiful coffee table would fit. I did it. Ok, there’s my scoop.


What’s yours?