Caught in Door…

If someone told you they were attempting to fix a door and they had a piece of a metal bed frame, would you believe them?
This is what Manuel Fernandes told store manager John Rodriguez. However at the time, Manuel’s head was on one side of the Rent-A-Center’s roll-up loading by door and is body was on the other side. Would you find his story hard to believe? I do.
It seems that the 53-year-old homeless Manuel’s plan had been to break into the store around midnight and take what he wanted. June 26th of this year did not go according to his plans. Instead of getting in and out, he only got partially in. That is, only his head did.
Like Winnie the Pooh, he would have to wait. This he did for nine hours. I don’t think being rescued by the cops was part of his plan. Nor was his receipt of a large bruise to his head when the door fell.
To add more insult to injury, Manuel got handsomely rewarded with both a charge of breaking & entering as well as malicious damage to property. All this was given and his take for the heist was a big fat zero.
Good luck Manuel, perhaps next time you’ll be smart enough to just skip it and get a job. Sandwiches consisting of roll-up doors, concrete floors and throbbing heads are not very edible.

Where: Brockton, Texas
When: June 26, 2012 – 12pm – 9am