For most of us, being a writer also means having a day job. Unpublished means something else is paying the bills. We half expect that, even accept it. Then one day, something changes and our day job walks away. Now we have a new issue in our lives, how do we pay for rent and more importantly, food?

One could argue that now we have more time to write. Finding time is no longer a problem, therefore getting our book doing is not going to be interrupted. It’ll get finished, accepted and published and then it’ll be worry that does the flying out the door. Only that’s not how it works for all of us.

Instead of getting deeper into our character’s lives and plot twists we incubate. Beneath that soft glow of the television set, we let the day and all its hundreds of possibilities leave us behind. Now that we have the time we always said we needed, we don’t write. We do everything else but what we truly want.

Though we don’t voice it and refuse to admit it even to ourselves, we feel that we’ve failed. Somehow inwardly we think that if we weren’t good enough to keep our day job we aren’t good enough to write. Thus we become a couch-potato.

We can’t do that. We can’t allow ourselves to wallow. We need to accept the gift of time we’ve been given. Now is when everything comes into play. Our journey to publication begins now. Leave doubt behind. Write, if for no reason but to eat. Write as if you’ve already got that first royalty check. Now is the time and place. Don’t throw it away. Believe in yourself. One step at a time will lead you on your path. You will get there.