There is one tool in this world that we all want and need, therefore we all have it. But what is it…..?


It seems to do everything.

It’s an all-purpose tool. It is a hook. It carries things. It has great massaging powers. It points things out to others. It even helps the young ones in learning to read.

In the house it works for us. It measures the level of dust. It helps us prepare our meals in the kitchen. During laundry it allows us to sort more conveniently. It turns on the lights. It even washes our windows.

In the garden it helps us get our work done faster. It snags weeds. It is instrumental in planting new blooms and transplanting established plants. The lawnmower only listens to our commands because we bring it along.

In the car it bring us a sense of safety. It allows us to drive without hitting another vehicle. It boosts our power of polishing and waxing that new car. It gives us hints on how to accurately pack our trunk. Bugs flee our the windows when we employ this tool. It even helps in fixing a flat tire.

What more can I say about this miraculous tool? Can we give it up if asked? No! We would fight the devil to keep it.








So what is it? Have you guessed yet?





It’s a finger.