Here’s the answer to that bugging question, do you leave one space behind your period or two when writing that great work.

Jackie Cooney

I have always left two, never one, because that’s how I was taught.  No, get your mind out of the gutter!  Goodness!  I’m talking about the number of spaces you leave behind a period before beginning a new sentence.  Do you leave one or two?

Is one or two really that important?  Check out Brian Klems’ The Writer’s Dig online editor blog from Writer’s Digest.  Someone wrote to him asking about how many spaces to leave behind a period.  His answer is found at (Let me give you a hint, not a number two).   Make sure you read the comments.

So my reporter’s nose got to itching and my thumbs went flying to the manuals of writing style.  How many spaces do they recommend?

Chicago Manual of Style:  One

Modern Language Association (MLA):  Both are acceptable.

American Psychological Association (APA):  Two

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