Okay, you’re starting your day and you have a ton of things to do. What you don’t have is enough time to do them all. This said you set down what your priorities are. You know which ones you absolutely have to get done and which ones can wait. The biggest problem you have is that what you need to do is work on-line. That means that your whole day is subject to the cosmic god that watches the internet. It will be up to him/her if you get your goals done or not.

To me that means that when I have to do something like download new software and there’s a bug in my system somewhere, well the time it takes can be untold. You think that when the bar is filled you’re closing in on being done with that one area. What you don’t know is that there are an infinite amount of bars that need to be filled before you can even start on your project. In the end you’ve just spent an hour of your life looking at bars fill up and now that nothing useful has been accomplished you feel like you should go to an actual bar and drown the whole tale.

This is what working on the internet has become. There is nothing more frustrating than a simple thing that takes ages to complete. The whole idea of using the computer is so that we get our work done faster. When that doesn’t happen, well its time to give up and go with old reliable.

As writers we are not fastened to the seat of a computer table. We can write anywhere at any time. We don’t need to live in Venice to write about it. We can live in Chicago or somewhere out in the middle of corn fields. A pen and paper is never going to desert you. It’ll never tell you that it needs more time to load or that your files have become corrupted and unreadable.

We live in an age where science and technology are king. We are merely the subjects of a greater power that we don’t understand. Yet, we are the creators of the computer. How did we become lesser beings. The answer is quite simple. We let it happen. While some people have no choice in the matter, we, you and I do. We are writers. We can find napkins at the restaurant. We even write on tissue paper if we are hard pressed. The only thing we need is ourselves and our imagination and those are two things that the computer can never replace.

Join me. Let loose the mouse and pick up the pen. Become whole bodied in the craft and leave the frustrations of the tech age behind. I think you’ll find that you have hidden yourself and that when you let yourself loose there is magic in the words you write.