There are many writers out there that we’ve never heard of. That in no way means that they aren’t good ones. In fact, they could be just as good as the ones on the best seller lists, they just haven’t gotten that word of mouth reputation that puts them over the top.


David J. Walker – is one of those writers. His stories are thought provoking and riveting. You don’t need a last name to a character to understand what drives them and that is exactly what David has done with his Wild Onion Series that takes place in Chicago.

As a long time resident of the city, David know exactly how to make the city come alive for those who’ve never visited and those that see the city streets in the dead of night, every night.

I encourage you to give this man a chance. I’m sure that all you Mystery and Detective readers will find that he’s well worth the time. In addition to his books, David has a newsletter that tells you all the new things coming out. He is also one of those rare  birds that answers messages.
So… What are you waiting for? Go check it out.

He can be reached at: