Phillip Quinn’s life is what he wanted it to be. He again had his own place and business was fine. The boy, Seth, reminded him too much of himself at times but a promise was a promise and Phillip was a man of his word. Fighting with his brothers and protecting them at the same time was just another part of who he was.

Then a crowbar was hurled at him by a curvy woman who made him think twice about every decision he’d ever made. Dr. Sybill Griffin wasn’t just another writer vacationing in New England looking for inspiration. Like everyone else she held a secret but unlike others, hers could tear Phillip’s life apart and with it the lives of his brothers.

Join the thrilling adventures of the Quinn men as they come to terms with new roads in their lives. They’ll meet new people and new paths will open up before them. The reader will enjoy the stumbling journey of the Quinn’s and soon count them among their friends.

As usual Nora Roberts knows how to deliver with power. Inner Harbor is book three in a four-book saga. To this series she brings to the reader all the charm of a New England town and the people who live there. We join in the lifelike experiences of the Quinn’s and at times feel the raw emotions intertwined in each man. We watch as the Quinn’s slowly come to realize that love is the most important gift of all.

As readers, the beauty of a saga is that we don’t have to say goodbye at the last page; we can pick up the next installment and carry on right where we left off. So do so, you’ll fall in love all over again with Cameron, Ethan, Phillip and young Seth (soon to be a man in the final book) and like the first three, its worth it.

(So read #1 “Sea Swept,” #2 “Rising Tides,” #3“Inner Harbor” & #4 “Chesapeake Blue”)