Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Years ago I began hunting for authors. I didn’t know any names and seldom read a book by the same author. Then, slowly I found a name that stuck out more than the rest. I’d read a book by Nora Roberts before and found it enjoyable. Then I found another by chance at a second hand shop and thought what the heck. Since then I’ve read dozens of her books and all with the same outcome. If I find a book with her name on it I buy it. If I’ve read it before and find out later when I get home, I read it again anyway. Not once have I been disappointed.

Like many peoples, I have my favorite books. Among Nora’s – my favorites above all others are the Chesapeake Bay Saga. I read them one by one and found them to be so memorable that years later I still remember these four men and think of them not as characters in a series of books but as real people living their lives in a town thousands of miles away. If I don’t see them often, that’s because I haven’t gone visiting and they’ve been to busy in their boat business to come my way. I don’t blame them and they don’t blame me.