For writers, every day is Writer’s Day. Yet there are certain days throughout the year that hold a special meaning for writers over regular people.

Since we are creative in many ways, we share ourselves in different sectors. We write about the real and the imaginary. Our stories are found in books or on the silver and small screen. It is a type of magic that is enjoyed by many.

For ourselves we experience frustrations and lagging while we struggle to find our true path. It is who we are and exactly what we are supposed to be.

Listed below is a list of days that speak to writers as a group. There are days for ideas and emotions. Each expresses us whole sharing who we are with others. Have fun and remember that to be a writer is to be on this list.

1/13 Make Your Dream Come True Day

1/23 National Handwriting Day

2/7 Charles Dickens Day

3/5 Multiple Personalities Day

3/12 Alfred Hitchcock Day

3/23 National Organize Your Home Office Day

3/29 Festival of Smoke and Mirrors Day

4/5 Go for Broke Day

4/9 Winston Churchill Day

4/15 Rubber Eraser Day

4/27 Tell a Story Day

4/28 Great Poetry Reading Day

5/1 Mother Goose Day

5/11 Twilight Zone Day

5/12 Limerick Day

6/14 Pop Goes he Weasel Day

6/27 National Columnists Day

7/4 Tom Sawyer Fence-Painting Day

7/26 All or Nothing Day

8/18 Bad Poetry Day

9/4 Newspaper Carrier Day

9/6 Fight Procrastination Day

9/10 Swap Ideas Day

9/22 Hobbit Day

9/25 National Comic Book Day

10/5 National Storytelling Festival

10/2 International Moment of Frustration Scream Day

10/16 Dictionary Day

11/1 Plan Your Epitaph Day