People think that truly terrible things only happened in history. That is a fallacy. Bad things happen to all people and at all times. No one is immune.
In the past few months our country and others near and far have cried out in outrage, despair and grief. To one sect of society it would appear that the end of our world as we know it was coming to an end or least closing the page on another chapter. Another group of people would see the present events as a lax in judgement and perhaps regulations. What it all boils down to is the constant root truth in common sense. It is a skill that is not taught in grade school, secondary school, colleges and universities or in graduate schools. Common sense is a skill picked up by the man, woman or child who learns from one error and refrains from doing another. As a youngster we learn that touching a hot pot can burn. A child who is observant will notice the boiling water inside and his/her common sense we will conclude that the bubbling water means something. Perhaps it too can burn? It is a sign to them of a possibility. From then on when they see the bubbles they do not need to be told not to touch. They don’t need to try, they instinctively know not to.
Facts play a major role in the quest for common sense. Knowledge of one subject can often lead to another topic. This in turn will teach another lesson. For example, a boy interested in the Navy might wonder about the submarine. This curiosity will lead easily into how the vessel floats and submerges. He then will discover buoyancy and the properties of water under pressure. Thirst for more could easily lead to how his town’s water tower works. In the end common sense and knowledge will help keep him out of danger.
Sadly those skills are lacked by many. The desire to learn and experiment are not there and so when someone who sounds knowledgeable says something, this person will not only take them at their word but relay that information to someone else. If that person was correct than no harm was done. However what if the person was wrong? What then? That wrong information will soon be repeated by many who don’t fully understand themselves what they are repeating. In time the translation will change from one person to another until the beginning message has been all but lost, just as the game of telephone with paper cups and string rarely resembles the original.
Our world has become like this old child’s game. People repeat without understanding instead of verifying for themselves until they do understand. Often times this lack leads to the wrong remedy. Sometimes conclusions are jumped to and problems desperately in need of solving are not attended to. Things that worked correct in the first place are changed and perhaps no longer work, causing two things to work incorrectly instead of one real problem being fixed. People’s lives are at risk every day due to people who don’t take the time to observe, analyze, test, retest and implement changes that have been verified and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s easy to say, ‘It’s this, or ‘It’s that.’ Bosses and companies like to hear that it’s a simple fix but honest and integrity should never be compromised for right. The higher-ups would much rather spend money for the problem be solved right the first time, rather than used first on a useless fix that could result in a possible lawsuit.
Use common sense. Observe the world around you and surround yourself with like-minded people lest you yourself become one who dallies and allows problems to persist. Remember to always think big and use Common Sense!