Safety Not Found In Any Form of Locomotion for Inebriated

People who think that just because they’re not driving an automobile means they’re safely drunk. That’s never the case. Being drunk means that your judgment is off. When the party is over you really need a completely sober person to get you home. If you’re skunked and they’re not as bad as you are but they’ve had a few too they don’t count as a reliable driver. They need help too.

While there are multiple ways of getting home, there is no safe way for an intoxicated person.


If you walk you could be hit by a car turning a corner you didn’t see in time because your attention was on making your feet move in a close to straight line.


If you’re going to ride your bike, you can easily fall down and injure yourself. You don’t have normal balance. You have drunk balance and that’s unpredictable. What would happen if you fell down in the street and a car came? What about if a person went to cross the street and you didn’t see them?


Don’t think that a train will be completely safe either. There is a reason for the yellow line. When your not yourself that line doesn’t mean anything. You can’t walk in one and the line in front of you weaves back and forth until you have no idea if you’re standing in front of it or behind it. That can be scary. When the train comes you could be standing too close. While you’re waiting you could fall off the platform onto the tracks.

That presents a new problem. If the train is coming there won’t be time for it to stop and miss hitting you. They need more than visible distance to stop. They need a mile and they can’t see a person who’s fallen on the tracks from that distance. As for you, you’re drunk. You don’t have all of your faculties and while the adrenaline might help you to move it’s all a matter of how much time you have.

The danger is intensified if you’re waiting for an electrified train. This train has not two tracks but three. What that means is that while you might get caught by the train with two tracks the train with three will electrocute you.

Is there a safe way to get home?

The simple answer is no. There is no safe way for you to see yourself home. When you have been drinking you become a danger to yourself and others. You also become a burden. Therefore when you decide to go out and party, be responsible. Know your drinking limit and stick to it even if that’s only one glass.