For many Americans reading the daily paper is a part of their day. While they may not prescribe to the paper version and opt to read the news online with computer, tablet or smart phone, they are interested in the daily goings on. They want to stay informed but all too often neither the news paper nor the television does this. Oh, they do some but they don’t follow up.

One day they tell us of an accident and the next day the incedent is forgotten. That first day they tell us of the injuried and suggest the total may change. The next we hear of it, well… that doesn’t exist. They don’t follow up. We never hear if they all survived. We don’t hear of their struggles and joyful recovery. The human element is lost. The paper wants human interest stories but all they can come up with is that the president took a vacation.

Where are the real stories? We don’t hear about “Man Bites Dog.” We hear about the first lady on a new diet. Once in a while I’d like to hear the conclusion of a story. How many people where saved? How was the rescue done? What are their plans for the future?

Pretty, pretty please tell us what happens next. It’s like reading a novel, getting to the good stuff and then being told not to worry about what happened next. We want to know how the story ends.