Driving down the road you feel some form of self-confidence. After all, if the others are driving that means they have decent driving records. If they were convicted of speeding several times their license would be revoked for a time right? Wrong!
A recent article published in the Chicago Tribune told a different story. A story so fantastic it’s hard to believe and yet it’s true. There are people out there who have been convicted of speeding 100 mph or more multiple times and still are behind the wheel. There are others who have been in crashes where they killed someone and they too are still behind the wheel. How is this possible? Simply put, their insurance agency doesn’t know their true driving record.
That’s right, the automotive insurance agency of their choice doesn’t know about their bad habits. Their rates have not gone up and these drivers continue to make the same wrong choice without being fully penalized.

How is this Possible?

They do get pulled over and they do get tickets. It’s what happens when they get in front of a judge that makes the difference. Judges can decide to give these drivers a special type of probation that does not show up on their public driving records (the records used by the insurance companies) called “Court Supervision.” It also means that the state can not use their bad habits against them in the usual manner. While the ordinary citizen who is not on this type of probation comes under different rules. If you or I (with our perfect driving records) suddenly find ourselves pulled over with three errors in a year we will have reached our three a year conviction limit. Our license will be suspended.
This year new laws go into affect. No longer will these traffic offenders find themselves with half a free pass, especially if they accidentally kill someone. Now a driver will only get Court Supervision if their record has been completely spotless of all convictions and/or supervisions for the past four years leading up to the crash. No more, lenient rulings. Now a stray tear, batting eyes and a quivering lip will do you no good. Your record must speak for you. Acting be gone, justice begin!

Chicago Tribune
Monday 1-6-14 Section 1, Page 5