Today was one of those winter thaw days in the Midwest. The far
Northwest suburbs of Chicago experienced a rise to 40 degrees F and with it the drips started. Snow from everywhere began to melt and I wonder what the outcome will be. I love the feeling that spring is around the corner but I can’t help but think about what happens when the temperature dips in a day or two. Will all that water again be ice?
I love to ice skate (though I rarely get to) but I don’t want to do it on my own driveway. I love to swim (I float better) but I don’t want a swimming pool on my basement floor as I did last year and one other year before, since I moved into my home 18 years ago.
Here it feels like the sub-zero freeze of a week ago couldn’t possibly be found on a calendar month so close together. Imagine six days separating –20 degrees & 40+ degrees. One day you feel every hair in your nose freeze and the other you feel the sun on your face and think about leaving your heavy winter coat behind. It doesn’t sound real but I assure you it is and the difference feels wonderful.

Does anyone else have a story to tell about this wild winter we’re having? I’d love to hear them. I got to cheat for the most part and stay in the house. Where were you on Monday, January 3, 2014? Warm? Freezing? Please share.