This time of year we envision hazards coming from traveling on icy roads. What we don’t think of is the danger of what happens once we get inside. For workers at the International Nutrition Plant in Omaha, Nebraska they discovered being in jeopardy was not being outside but inside the building. Monday morning found 38 workers scurrying about their jobs.

Kendrick Houston, a forklift operator and Nate Lewis, a production line worker gave readers of the Omaha World-Herald a good picture of that day’s surprise visit of an explosion and its ensuing fire. The first sign of a problem was when the floor began to tremble. With this odd sensation came a loud crackling sound and then the lights went out. There was a spark and then a ball of flames as the building caved in from 3rd floor down.

Intense heat and smoke hampered rescue as 50 Omaha firemen attempted to do their duty. They were able to rescue 5 people and as of Tuesday, January 21, 2014 there are two dead (1 body recovered,) as well as 10 workers injured (4 in critical condition.) At present everyone is accounted for but it remains uncertain at this time whether there were any visitors to the animal feed plant at the time of the explosion. If there were, those people have yet to be discovered. Part of the plant was flattened by the incident, which is being called an industrial accident. Investigators say it may take weeks before the answers of why the explosion and fire happened become clear.

Source Used:
Chicago Tribune Tuesday 1-21-2014 Section 1, Page 10