Fires happen every day. What they don’t do every day is make a train wait or not go at all. Late Wednesday night a 5 alarm fire began in the vacant Aqua Aqua Inc. warehouse building in the 1800 block of 54th Avenue jn the Cicero neigborhood of Chicago.

The origin of the fire continues to be a mystery. What is not a mystery was the lengths it would take to bring its presence to attention.  The war on human endurance began around 6pm and didn’t hold up until around midnight as 120 firefighters from over 30 communities battled the blaze along with constantly freezing hydrants and the slippery ice it created.

The fire itself wasn’t content to take just one building with it as it spread to the Central Steel Fabricators building that packs and ships telecommunications  products. To be doublely sure that it was noticed, the fire gave such intense heat that the nearby Pink Line of the CTA train west of Pulaski found its service disrupted.

There is now talk of domolishing these buildings as the fear of hot spots springing up enters the minds of firefighters.

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