That weather is here again. We’ve reached the sub-zeros again and now you know it’s really really cold, North Pole cold. Its so cold that when you get behind the wheel of your car you don’t just see smoke exiting through your exhaust pipe but you see the smoke coming from your own mouth inside the car too. Two types of smoke and both are saying the same thing. Baby it’s cold outside!

Snow, snow, snow, that’s all we get. If we don’t have snow falling, it’s blowing. If it’s not blowing it’s drifting. This year the temperatures have been way below the normal zone. Instead of the usual bite of 5 or 10-degree days, we’ve been having the extreme pleasure of the negative and subzero temperatures that have gone to double digits. Feeling the breeze is to feel like you’ve stepped onto the Polar Ice Cap. Today the high was a whopping –15.  It’s Eskimo land out here and we stick close to electric and gas heaters. At night we don’t lower the heat and we turn on electric blankets and mattress pads.

School closings and stores running low on stock remind some of us of other times when the cold of winter knocked on our door. If you are from Chicago you doubtless remember the winter of 1967 and the slightly milder 1979. Some of you walked to school a mile or more because the buses weren’t running. When you got there it was to find that school was closed too. Perhaps you stepped inside the building for a while but then you were out again making the homeward bound trip of a small buried dog. With snow higher than four feet everywhere, the youngsters couldn’t find much above their eyes.

My own parents had the pleasure of that long fruitless walk. Today when I see the paper and read how bad it’s supposed to be I partially chuckle. It’s terrible. I don’t want to go out. I stay in when possible and avoid the whole mess but I know that what we’re experiencing right now is no where near the truly terrible winter snow storms of the past and there fore I see this winter as a partial blessing. It’s bad true but it could be a whole lot worse.

So we’re ok. We’ll live. If we need to go out we will and if someone needs a helping hand we’ll lend it. We’re big brave Chicago men and women. We can do it. Remember, “Do no little things in Chicago.”

This was bad but it was no ’67 or ’79 and today is less then this too!