When you listen to a hockey game on WGN radio there are a few things that are given. Such as a great announcer doing his job to let his listeners know what’s going on. There’s a speed and the sound of skates skidding on ice in a dance of sport.

Each game is different but you never know what to expect. If it’s a hard team you’re against they might play harder and if a weaker team, slower. That means that they might lose and sometimes they do. There are also those crazy games, games that make little or no sense. Last night was that game. The Chicago Blackhawks and the Calgary Flames game had it all.

What am I talking about? Bouncing pucks that both goaltenders didn’t see and wished could be taken back. Then there was the goal by the Hawks that didn’t count though clearly the official called it wrong. Next came the Hawk’ goalie being switched in the middle of the second period. A point was given here and one there, always the points bounced back and forth (with the exception of the 2-0 in the first minutes.) when a power play came around it wasn’t the team with the extra man who scored but the team minus one. Two power plays yielded two short-handed goals, one for each team.

When the third period began the score was 4-4 and the Flames had gone to their relief goalie. Even-Stevens was the pace of the game. At the end of 60 minutes both teams were still tied with the same score they had at the beginning of the 3rd. With the record of Calgary 4-4 in overtime and the Hawks 0-5, it was anyone’s guess. In a short time it all turned around again and Calgary scored one more and won the game at 5-4.

For fans this is a disgusting loss. The game was not pretty but the loss was hard to swallow. If that one goal earlier had counted, there would have been no need of overtime and the Hawks would have won.

Sloppy play and not so good puck management = a game of wow and whoops, oops. Better luck next time, Hawks. We’re watching.