When you have over 40 people on a bus together you never know what type of characters and what antics you’ll have to deal with. Most of the time a ride on a Greyhound bus can be enjoyable but then there’s the times that you wished you’d driven yourself. Last Thursday was that day for people traveling in Arizona.

This passenger had his or her own thoughts of what was going on. They were on drugs and in their haze they attacked the driver. Who knows why this addict thought rolling the bus was a good idea. Thankfully they were not successful in rolling it, though they did make the bus skid off the road.

The outcome was 26 of 40+ being injured, with 3 being airlifted. At the moment I don’t know what happened to the person responsible for the accident.

Source Used:
Chicago Tribune Friday January 24, 2014 Section 1, Page 23