I know I’ve said it before but some things remain true through the ages, writing is a solitary profession. All the books on writing can not produce a single story true or otherwise if the soul and mind embodiment of the writer are not attune. The writer must be inspired and then the words will flow. A dictionary is a wonderful tool but as the character of Owen Waterbury (played by Kirk Douglas) in the movie My Dear Secretary said – “The dictionary is filled with all the words you’ll need but unless the mind and the heart find those words for you, you better leave them in the dictionary.” That’s not to say we’re not to use a dictionary to make our sentences a little more interesting and varied, it just means that words should flow naturally. We shouldn’t spend all our time searching for them and forgetting the story we’re working on.

A writer is born a storyteller. This is not something that can be learned or trained. You must have talent within you. True, in the beginning it may be unpolished. There may be some dust that needs removal. You might be unsure of yourself and tread lightly but in time you will gain a certain understanding with yourself, a certain knowledge that you do know what you’re doing.

Taking some classes and reading some books on technique will help and speed you on your way. Feedback will put you on course. The emotions you invoke in your stories will breathe life into your characters. Readers will not see them the way you do in your head but if you do your job right, use words as they were meant to be used, your readers will bring meaning to characters and return for visits as if they were old friends.

A writer fundamentally is a word magician. He/ she takes lifeless words and creates flesh and blood, buildings with creaky floors, rusted nails and disembodied spirits. Worlds are created and lands evolved are the domains of the writer.

Each writer has their own technique, their own style and vocabulary that makes them unique. This voice is what your reader will notice. This is what will help your story sell over others. Don’t be afraid to be you. Your audience is out there. They will find you.