Get another name day? What does that mean? It could mean a day for the newly married woman to get her last name changed on important papers. It could mean changing your Facebook name. It could even mean asking people to call you by a new nick-name.

For me, this could mean a time to explore the meaning of names and change a character in a story’s name to better suit their personality. For instance you wouldn’t put the name Andy to a man who’s daring and adventuresome. Nore would you give the name Alexia to a bookworm.

Names in stories give us hints to the person. They might tell us of their country or background. A name might show us a trait of theirs that is special. What their job is might become apparent by what people call them.

An example might be a man called Greece. He could live in an area with not a single person of Greek ancestory and because he was from there, the nick-name was assigned to him. He could be a character from the 50’s who wasn’t a dooper. He could work at an autobody shop.

Names tell us much of a person. Perhaps today is the day you consider your character an decide if the name fits? Have fun.