Most people have some idea of what Valentines Day represents. It’s a day that to some represents the Ultimate Love. When you have no one you might feel the ultimate rejection instead. To the historian it is the grizzly tale of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, the ultimate true story of gangland murder. Most predominantly, it is a day of love.

All over America florist shops are getting calls for dozens of red roses. Chocolate sales are up and with it our sugar intake but today we don’t care. We read greeting cards bought and home-made and a gentle smile tinges our lips. Giant stuffed teddy bears come home to rest on our beds and sofas.

Later, after the sun has set we will partake a feast with our loved ones. After that we may watch a romantic movie. Casablanca, Roman Holiday, and others grace our lives for a few hours and we remember when we were young and foolish. Love remains in the air throughout the night and in the morning we rejoice that it wasn’t a dream. That special someone is still there, still loving us and sharing their life with us after years of combined joys and sorrows.

Today lets try to be as young as our minds. Forget the aches and pains of our bodies and be the person that God made us, young and carefree. Feel free to share your thoughts on the subject and to tell others here what your day will be/was like. After all, we are a community of people and we should strive to help each other and bring rays of sunshine to others.

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends.