Two lucky ladies sat in the Rockford stands watching the Ice Hogs take on the Chicago Wolves last night on Valentines Day. Their luck was a product of good ideas and timing as they entered into a contest for the best 6 words or less to go on conversation hearts. The idea, to say what they would tell to their favorite Ice Hog player.

As the game progressed it looked like it was all Hogs. A few seconds beyond the first minute and a half the puck was in Chicago’s net. The Hogs had struck. A few minutes later the puck found its way there again. With 2 nothing Rockford it was supposed to be a slam-dunk. Then all of a sudden disaster seemed to strike as the Wolves came back. They had renewed their energy and then it was 2-2 as they closed the gap and tied the game.

Later the Wolves put yet another puck in Rockford’s net. This one, many fans agree should not have counted. After all, the Hog’s goaltender Kent Simpson was interfered with and the net rocked off its moorings.

Somehow the officials called it good while a little while earlier they had called the same move by the Hogs a penalty, which gave the Wolves their second goal in the resounding power-play.

Down one the Hogs fought back amid rounds of penalties on both sides.The majority of the penalty minutes belonged to the Hogs as they battled on 5 on 3. Back on an even keel of players the Hogs put their third goal on the board. Again the Wolves tied the game and it looked like a game of wills. For every goal there was a goal to tie. Now the game had become 3-3.

Then, as the third period was winding down to the final five minutes the Hogs came on top again. It looked like the game was over as the clock ticked of the last seconds. Seven, six, five, four, three, SCORE! The Wolves had tied the game again with only 3.5 seconds remaining on the clock. The game went to over time and then the shootout. Round after round passed until sudden death was the only way out. It took eight rounds to decide the contest, as the score of the shoot-out mirrored the score on the ice 4-4. The game ended when in the eighth round a Hog player missed and a Wolves player didn’t.

Some might say the Rockford Ice Hogs were robbed but the reality was that it was a very hard fought fight. Both teams were good and gave as good as they got as the slippery puck skated across the ice and became the ultimate champion of the game with the most ice time. Well done Chicago and Rockford. Your fans are proud of you.

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