What Happened Two Years Ago This Week:

It was an ordinary routine. Load the propane tank onto the truck and watch it drive down the road to its designated clients. It was 11 A.M., almost lunch time. The men loaded the tank capable of a capacity of 1,000 gallons of propane onto the truck. Everything was fine until it shifted.

When the tank rolled over, a valve was severed. Realizing their eminent peril, the truck driver gave a shout and yelled that everyone get back. Seconds later, the tank and the truck carrying it exploded. Five workers found themselves burnt. All went to a local hospital and as of later that day one had already returned home. Three others were in good condition. The fifth was in critical condition but would recover.

Firefighters continued to douse the tank and its truck for much to the afternoon. They also found themselves containing a portion of the fire that had spread to a construction trailer and two other buildings on the make. At the time of the explosion, the plant was under a $90 million dollar expansion. Firemen also had to combat brush fires that sprung up every now and then in the nearby woods.

The tank only carried 300 gallons at the time of the explosion. Can you guess what the outcome would have been had it carried the full load of 1,000 gallons? Much worse, that’s for sure.

Thursday, February 23, 2012