Every year you wonder how you will fare during the winter months. Will your pipes freeze? Will your feet find ice and send you on your backside? Later as the snow begins to melt you wonder how quickly the ground will thaw and if you’ll find water in your basement. There always are surprises.

A few years ago unbeknown to me my sister borrowed an old key chain of mine. I was sort of one of a kind and I had no idea that she had taken it with her nor did I realize that she’d lost it. Months later as I was walking down the block I found it lying on the ground. A snowplow had picked it up and thrown it. Since it was a plush dog, it had been ripped up and lost all of its stuffing and beans. With a little TLC I was able to bring it back to a portion of its former glory.

This year there was another surprise. With approximately 80 inches in total snowfall, I hadn’t seen the bottom of my driveway in months. There always was a layer of snow and then ice. They kept alternating. Today as I walked up to my car I spotted something lying in the driveway. It was a blue liquid ink pen of mine that I hadn’t seen for so long I’d forgotten I was missing it.

I should explain here that my driveway was designed for my 1912 home. Therefore, the driveway at one time was for a Model A Ford. There are two concrete block rails running down each side with a gravel middle. I found the pen in the middle section nestled in the gravel. It wasn’t broken. When I picked it up I saw it was open, with a crisp click it closed. It works!

Logically it makes no sense. I know I’ve been driving over it for months and yet it wasn’t crushed. I can’t understand it and I’m not going to try. I’m going to take it for what it is, a blessing. Little though it be, a blessing it be.