Another day has dawned and with it has come another tug of war between the seasons. Today’s forecast in my Chicago Midwest calls for showers and some thunderstorms with the coming of night. We are to reach 50 and only have a low of 40. All this seems to contradict the light snow that was falling outside my window at 6:30 this morning. Yet, by 9 this morning the snow had been replaced by light rain. Gone was the dusting of Winter and in was the rebuttal of Spring.
Like all years, Winter is at war with Spring. Snow, frozen soil and gusty winds are Winter’s weapons. In combat Spring brings warm rays of the sun, singing birds and a people who stand behind his coming. In time streams will flow free, shoots of green will spring forth and the natural order of rebirth will begin again.
Soon snow shovels, spray bottles of windshield deicer and boots will be things of the past. In their place will come umbrellas, sunglasses and visors. The great American pass time, Baseball, is right around the corner in only a few short days or weeks we will relish our time outdoors again. Sunday drivers and picnics will soon come. Spring will be here soon and remember to be on guard. Yogi Bear will be on the alert for your Pic-in-ic basket.