Let’s start from the beginning. I used to walk everywhere. For over a decade I walked the mile there and back again to work. People said, why don’t you buy a car? I had a perfectly good reason. I wanted to save enough to buy my car outright, afford the insurance and have money set aside for repairs. Therefore, I didn’t buy a car until I felt I’d saved enough.

Since then I’ve done way more driving than walking and I’ve felt a little guilty about it but I continue to drive. It is way easier to be lazy despite the fact that the price of gas keeps going up and I could be saving more money for other things if I kept up the walking habit, at least part of the time. I wanted to rekindle that habit but I didn’t. Then I was forced.

My car’s fan belt broke Monday night and since then I’ve been walking. I know I’m out of shape. I feel it. I tire out easier and I find myself thirsty at the end of the journey (I didn’t used to have any of these problems.) yet, I know these are all benefits in disguise that will help me stay strong and healthy but there are other benefits too.
There are so many things to see when you walk that you’d never get the chance to see driving. We simply go by them too fast to focus on anything we’re seeing. Life becomes a blur. What do I mean? Well, today I took some pictures of what I saw as well as some mental notes.

Would You Notice These if You Were Driving?


A piece of tree left on the phone line.


The Beauty of Newly Opened Tulips


Leaning Lilies


A Skittish Rabbit


The Newspaper Box with Cartoons Pasted On It


A Car Proclaiming MUD LIFE and Covered in Mud!

Mental Notes:

1.) Would you guess that on someone’s screened in porch there would be a table with a garden gnome and a statue of Godzilla sitting side by side? I wouldn’t have come up with that detail for one of my stories because Truth is Stranger than Fiction and I wouldn’t have thought of it.

2.) Would you really realize that it was warming up outside if you were in the temperature controlled atmosphere of your car? I don’t think so but while walking I feel the change. I know the sun is shining and I know that the wind has picked up.

So the next time you go outside your door notice the five senses. Give a sniff to the air. Mine smells of Donuts from the local Bakery and a bit of fragrance from my neighbor’s dryer running. Look to the sky and notice the plane flying overhead. Hear the chirp of a bird and feel the crunch of gravel under your feet. Taste some peppermint you find in a patch growing beside the walkway. You will feel alive and doubtless better about yourself and whatever your situation might be.

Have a nice day!