When you become a member of a Writer’s Group you join a different type of family. Still, there are aspects that remain the same just as they do in most families of blood. We have had one funeral and later this year we will have our first birth. Perhaps someday this little boy will become a great writer like his dad. If not, I’m sure he will be supported in whatever endeavor he goes out for but it is these similarities that make a successful writer’s group strive and thrive for years.

Here in Cary, Illinois we affectionately call ourselves CAWG’s as we are members of the Cary Area Writer’s Group. We, like all families have had our share of changes over the years, yes, years. This year we will be celebrating our forth year in August and we can be proud of ourselves. We have accomplished much as a group and singly but mostly because we are a group who encourages and lends a helping ear and pen when needed.

Squabbles, sure we’ve had some but that’s all they’ve been. We haven’t thrown anyone out and when someone chooses to leave they know the door is always open for their return. We communicate to each other in different ways just as any other family does and always there is a deep abiding respect. No one is insignificant.

In the past six months there have had been three books published, a forth was a finalist in a contest. Blogs have been developed and existing ones have flourished with new posts and pages added. The number of followers has increased ten-fold in that time and we are scrambling to keep up. It’s a good thing.

To join us on our journey forward in time please follow us at our other locations.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for your continued support of our group.

Grace Rellie