It always amazes me about some people. They’re self-esteem must be very low. How else can you explain the actions of your fellow man? Walking through a supermarket you get a good idea of what the local population is like and if you think at all about how others view you, you will be shocked.

People walk around in their pajamas and at times these are very close to underwear. Flesh hangs out in all the wrong places and yet they fail to cover themselves. They don’t care. I do and I avert my eyes. Bad hair days are really, just rolled out of bed at 3 pm. Rats nests abound.

Other than their appearance is their manners. I don’t expect everyone to adhere to Emily Post because I too am guilty of many a taboo but there are certain things that are givens. If you are waiting in line and haven’t yet put your perspective purchase on the convaire belt and discover someone standing behind you with only a few items as opposed to your several dozen, you should let them go first. There are still some brave souls who do but mostly they pretend you aren’t there. Instead of a quick one, two, three you spend ten to fifteen minutes waiting for Food Stamps, Link, credit cards and checks to pass through their hands while you stand in line with achy arms holding your gallon of milk in one hand and gallon jug of water in the other waiting to pay cash.

Then there is the eater. Yes, when we buy groceries we get tempted to buy what is looking back at us from the shelf but there are others who don’t just get tempted. They open the package up and begin to eat it right in the store. Have they paid for it? No. Is it ethical to eat the bag of chips as you shop and pay for it later? Not really. Do they always pay? No. Sometimes they simply stash the empty package on a shelf and walk away.

If people don’t care what others think when their in public, imagine what their house’s look like. Do you think that they’d be neat, tidy and clean or do you suppose their home looks very much like they do – unkempt, soiled and thriving in being lesser than the rest? I wish I could say that it would all change some day but I highly doubt it. People fall into habits and find it almost impossible to get out of them. Why? Mostly, because they couldn’t care enough. They have people in their lives who think as they do and so they cling together and remain who they never were meant to be. For what parent held their child in their arms for the first time and said – “Some day my daughter will be a window washer and toilet scrubber at a fast food restaurant!”

Please, I implore you, if this sounds like you, look at yourself in the mirror. If you admire yourself and think you look great, I’m happy for you. But if you look at yourself and say, “How the heck did I get here,” please take some action and be who you can be – a wonderful person with great qualities. No one was born to be a slug and you shouldn’t be content to be one. Take some action. Be a wonderful beautiful person with a smile on your face. Start today.