There was a time when the world was filled with romance. Ladies were ladies and men were brave and strong, ready to stand and protect a lady’s honor. Men knew how to race and jump horses and ladies knew the delicate manner of holding a tea cup. It was the time of the Old South. Plantations were large. Land owners were wealthy. Crops grew tall and the people lived day to day with the thought that life would remain so.

Reality has an unfortunate sense of humor. Lady luck is fickle and what was, was not to remain. War loomed in the air and the pride of the Southern gentleman was so loud it could be heard without a single word needing to be uttered. When Sumner was fired on the world changed in an instant.

Margaret Mitchell realized the story of the South’s struggle could best be told through the eyes of a single character. She rightly chose a spoiled Southern Bell as her protagonist. Scarlett O’Hara starts her journey as a young woman determined to have everything she desires even if it doesn’t belong to her. What she already has is of little consequence. In Mitchell’s now famous book Gone With the Wind, we follow Scarlett on her journey through every emotion man has to endure. Step by step her character grows but always there remains the Southern Bell who could charm the crown off the rooster’s head.

Mitchell’s work was instantly realized as a classic and readers impatiently waited for Hollywood to immortalize their newest favorite. They waited four years before Vivien Leigh sat before them on the porch steps of Tara. The movie too proved to be a huge success and when the Academy Awards came around Gone With the Wind stole the show.

Nothing had ever been seen like it before and the accolades continue to this day. That is why we are so excited to share this great story and wonderful movie with you. For one night only, the Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge Illinois will be showing this film. Seeing this in its native form, on the big screen, is a real treat. The color, the sound, the size: no television in the world can compete with the enormity of a movie palace screen.

So if you’ve never seen it or have, if you own it or not, it doesn’t matter because this is a whole new experience. This is the real movie experience. It can not be duplicated. So please join us.

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The 75th Anniversary showing of Gone With the Wind


December 4, 2014

7:00 p.m.


The Pickwick Theater

5 S. Prospect Ave. Park Ridge, ILL


Regular – $7

Seniors – $5