Welcome again to the Pickwick Classic Film Series. This TUESDAY (and yes, I’m stressing TUESDAY because we usually have our shows on Thursday) we’re giving you the royal treatment. Our guest is none other than Rory Flynn, daughter of Errol Flynn – the star of our show. Rory will be in the lobby before and after the show greeting all who join us before she takes the stage and gives us some of her personal memories of her father. It’s going to be another one of those special once in a lifetime events.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be celebrating Olivia de Havilland’s  centennial a few weeks ahead of her July 1st birthday.

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More surprises and treats will be found in the lobby. We’ll have a treasure chest of wonderful loot waiting for some lucky winner. As always tickets are only $1 and they go toward bringing these events to you. As you can well imagine it takes quite a bit to put on these shows and to bring in our special guests who live all over the country. We do it because YOU are worth it and we want to give you the very best we are able. So please, if you can, stop by our table and give it a try. These raffles are always events in themselves.

Oh, and did I forget to mention we have another surprise guest? Taryn Power, Tyrone Power’s daughter will also be with us. Where else can you go and see two Hollywood Princesses in the same room outside of Hollywood? Only the Pickwick Classic Film Series brings you these events. So please… join us this Tuesday for our season Finale.

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Our Guests

Rory Flynn & Taryn Power

Born June 20, 1909 Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn was destined to be the King of Swashbucklers. He had everything it took and then some. His energy and smile were infectious, put a  sword in his hand and you had a man who could take the world upon his shoulders and win every time. He wore the mantle of the past as if it were present day and we believed him. He was Errol Flynn!Errol-Flynn

All of us exhibit traits said to come from our families. We have the hair color of our father, the shape of our eyes comes from our mother and the last name of our forefathers. In young Flynn’s case he also inherited a life long love of the sea and any craft who could be set afloat. His mother Lily Mary Young known as Marelle (she had her name changed after being married) came from a sea-faring family, his father Theodore Thomson Flynn was a marine biologist. During his lifetime Flynn would own many vessels including several yachts. At times he forsook the land and lived aboard ship. It seems fitting that his first screen role was that of Fletcher Christian in the Australian film In the Wake of the Bounty. Then in Hollywood he would skyrocket to the top after only five films (mostly as a bit or small supporting roll) as Peter Blood in the Warner Brother’s blockbuster Captain Blood.


1935 was indeed a busy year for Flynn who accomplished much. In that year he migrated to the United States, made two films and married his first wife Lili Damita. But the world of American Women were hungry for more and Flynn had what it took. In many ways his on screen persona mirrored that of his real life. Above all, Flynn was an adventurer. This trait along with his love of women and the sea would stay with him his whole life.


As a young man before the lure of Hollywood and acting hit him Flynn had a wide variety of jobs which often led to adventures. In 1927 his adventures took him to Papua New Guinea where he’s thought to find riches but instead spent five years doing everything imaginable. By his own accounts he became a police constable, a sanitation engineer, a coconut plantation overseer, a fisherman and ship-master for hire and all because he’d hoped to be a treasure hunter.

Life in Hollywood gave him the fame and fortune he’d hoped to find in that strange land. New Guinea instead left a lasting impression in the form of vast skills acquired; many of which he would later emulate on the screen, thus giving his role more credibility. It also would give him the sickness of reoccurring bouts of malaria.

On the silver screen Flynn found his true calling. Warner Brothers found him to be everything they’d hoped for. His persona filled the screen and money continued to roll in. Flynn, they discovered was dynamite in period pieces and he fit in westerns just as well. Give him a screw-ball comedy and Flynn seemed at home. However,  the Swashbuckler would be his lasting legacy.


Flynn seemed to embody the pirate like no other had since Douglas Fairbanks Sr. He was an outlaw that the movie going audience liked and rooted for. He also was the man to get the girl. His most frequent leading lady was none other than Olivia de Havilland who co-starred with him in his first leading role in Captain Blood. It was her first leading role too!

In the eight films the two made together it was very much apparent that the chemistry seen on the screen was real. However the timing hadn’t been right and a six year relationship stayed where it’d started, that of a deep and abiding true friendship. Each went their own way and each made a name for themselves but it is possible that these two virtually unknown stars at the time can thank their lucky stars that Warner Brothers took a chance and gave them a chance. Captain Blood turned out to be Warner Brother’s highest grossing picture of the year and the eighth highest grossing picture industry wide.

So… All that said and done, please join us this coming TUESDAY (Yes, I’m stressing TUESDAY again. I just don’t want you to miss it.) as the Pickwick Classic Film Series brings you its series finale with Captain Blood. It’s a tale of piracy on the high seas and a tale of gentile manners with great ladies and men of honor. Bring your “Mate” and be prepared to “Roll with the tide.”


The Eight Films Flynn & de Havilland Made Together Include:

  • Captain Blood (1935)
  • The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936)
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
  • Four’s a Crowd (1938)
  • Dodge City (1939)
  • The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939)
  • Santa Fe Trail (1940)
  • They Died With Their Boots On (1941)


Captain Blood (1935)

With Special Guest: Rory Flynn – Daughter of Errol Flynn


May 17, 2016

Doors open at 6:30 pm

Live Organ music by Chicago’s Formost Theater Organist Jay Warren at 7:00 pm

Feature starts approx. 8:00 pm (119 Minutes)


The Pickwick Theater

5 S. Prospect Ave. Park Ridge, ILL



Regular – Day of $10 / Advanced $8

Seniors – Day of $7 / Advanced $6