The beginning of a Reader/Writer

I don’t know what your reading tastes are but mine have become varied over time. True, I do slant more toward romances when I read but I love a great mystery and there are a lot of names that mean good solid stories. I read books friends have written and try to give them a helping hand with marketing when I can by putting their books here among some of the modern Greats.

My reading journey began years ago after repeatedly telling others, “I don’t like reading!” Funny how things come and kick you from behind. I didn’t want to read and now I’m an author. My first books were The Boxcar Kids, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. I went to the library around the corner two or three times a week as I read one book after another until I’d read every one on the shelf. Next I upgraded to Sherlock Holmes. You wouldn’t think that at eleven I could switch from children’s to adult mystery and catch on to the stories but I did.

The journey took another turn when I discovered R. L. Stine and the Goosebumps series. Forty or fifty books later I was still going. I found so many things interesting and had fun with my first romance encounter with the Sweet Valley High series. Mystery, horror and romance, a good combo but I didn’t stop there.

One year I read almost a book a day during the summer. With books averaging between 110 and 150 pages, it was easy to read a whole book and half of another one in one before the lights went out for the night. Books were stacked in a corner and as they pile became piles I scooped them up and put them into bags. I decided someone else might like to read my books as much as I’d enjoyed them. With that thought in mind, I loaded them into my parent’s car.

A few towns over was a little library with its card index and ink stamp system intact, no computer. We figured that this library needed the donations more than our own who had the money to hire more than one librarian and who’s building was built to be a library, versus the little library in an old church building. Well, when we got there, they were closed. Not wanting to make a special trip we decided to drop them into the book return slot which we knew ended up on the other side in a huge box. Book after book I put them on their sliding ride down the shute into the box. Over 150 books went down in that manner.

The next time we got to the library we asked the woman if she’d gotten the books and what she thought of the donation. Silly to ask if she’d gotten them, where would they have gone to? Anyway, her answer was less than thank you. She was mad. She claimed that when she got the library the next day to open up there were so many books in the entranceway that she couldn’t get the door open. Sad, she never said thank you.

I don’ know about you, but reading is a great form of entertainment and for those of us who enjoy the pastime, we are also strengthening our eyes. So even if we didn’t like a book we read here or there, there that side ocular benefit. All things are two-fold and reading is no exception. Enjoy it, learn from it and pass it on. Thanks.

This book is very special to me. I am one of the authors in it and I feel proud to be one. They are an organization that works together to better writers in all forms of writing and in all levels. If you have a question, they are there to guide you and answer you. At times they even publish their own books and if you follow the rules you become one of their authors. I am one of those authors.

Book Review of: A World of Joy
By Authors Social Media Support Group Authors

Inside the pages of A World of Joy there are many stories but there is one that is particularly fond in my heart it is number 5 in the anthology and it’s title is Weekend Wife. It’s my favorite in the book and I am being prejudice about it because it is my own story. I had a tremendous amount of fun writing it and I hope you will pick a copy up and let me know what you think of it and my story. Below are some reviews for my story alone.

What People Are Saying About “Weekend Wife”
By Elizabeth Rye

Linda Webb Cross:
“I read your story… I liked it very much!

Cathy Hunter Dermont:
“It was lovely, Elizabeth, and too short! I love it when a story makes me want more! Very nice indeed!

Janet Kazy-Garey:
“I love your story. Loved it.”

Debbie Marussen:
“Elizabeth is great! Good storyteller, believable characters and situations, excellent descriptions. Elizabeth’s stories make you want to read more.”

Eileen Lynch sometimes known in the author world as ET Lynch is a lady that doesn’t let grass grow beneath her feet. She is always writing. She is one of those special people who finds the time to sit down at the computer with purpose every single Saturday and put her thoughts down. She has multiple stories written already but this is her first publication. I’ve already heard much from her other works and look forward to the time when I can snag a copy of another full work. In the meantime, read this review and if you feel inclined, please pick up a copy.

Book Review for: Distracted Living
By Eileen Lynch

This book as well is very special to me. It is written by a close friend and the cover is of my own design. I though it at her and luckily for me, “She loved it!” That made my day but not as much as her story did. I said, “Oh,” “Damn,” and much more as I read it and when Tax time comes again, I’ll be picking it up again. If you missed it, go read it now. There’s no reason to wait for that Fool April 15th to come around.

Book Review for: The Tax Angel: A Short Story

By DJ Marcussen


Cleo is a good friend. I met her years ago at of all places, a mutual friend’s garage sale. We hit it off at once and over the years I’ve come to be thankful for her friendship and guidance. While some people forget you when they haven’t heard from you or seen you in years, I can always count on a Christmas card from Cleo and a note here and there. She even bought me monogramed stationary one day. She is a dear heart and I’m sure you will enjoy her book that teaches us about life and what is possible if we give it a shot.

Book Review of: Teaching Diamonds in the Tough: Mining the Potential in Every Student
By Cleo Lampos

Kristin is a lady who knows the importance of family. She loves them deeply and it shows in her writing. Please read my review and then read her book. It will remind you of things that you might have forgotten and perhaps lead you on a new path.

Book Review of “Seasons of the Tree
By Kristin Ottolino

A friend of mine gave me this book to read and I must say I was surprised. The story is written very well and for a new writer he quite frankly shocked me. Here I was expecting someone who would bumble along and never get to where they were going and John smoothly showed me the way and brought me to places I’d never been and would love to one day visit. To bad the story isn’t nonfiction because I’d love to spend some time with these characters.

Book Review of “The Wait”

By John E. Goff


Learning Author’s – Nora Roberts

Years ago I began hunting for authors. I didn’t know any names and seldom read a book by the same author. Then, slowly I found a name that stuck out more than the rest. I’d read a book by Nora Roberts before and found it enjoyable. Then I found another by chance at a second hand shop and thought what the heck. Since then I’ve read dozens of her books and all with the same outcome. If I find a book with her name on it I buy it. If I’ve read it before and find out later when I get home, I read it again anyway. Not once have I been disappointed.

Like many peoples, I have my favorite books. Among Nora’s  – my favorites above all others are the Chesapeake Bay Saga. I read them one by one and found them to be so memorable that years later I still remember these four men and think of them not as characters in a series of books but as real people living their lives in a town thousands of miles away. If I don’t see them often, that’s because I haven’t gone visiting and they’ve been too busy in their boat business to come my way. I don’t blame them and they don’t blame me.

Book Review of Sea Swept: Book 1 in the Chesapeake Bay Saga
By Nora Roberts

Book Review of Rising Tides: Book 2 in the Chesapeake Bay Saga
By Nora Roberts


Book Review of Inner Harbor: Book 3 in the Chesapeake Bay Saga
By Nora Roberts


Book Review of Chesapeake Blue: Book 4 in the Chesapeake Bay Saga
By Nora Roberts

As a writer of Disasters I was grabbed instantly by this book’s cover and subject. When I read it (checked out at the library), I couldn’t stop seeing the pictures it brought to my mind. Since reading it, I’ve told others about it. I’ve bought a copy for my own. Then as I told others about it I began to wonder, will they ever read it on their own. My grandfather is a WWII Navy man and I bought him a copy and had it shipped to him (No pun intended). He loved it and I’m sure you will too.

Book Review of Trapped at Pearl Harbor: Escape from Battleship Oklahoma
by Stephen Bower Young

George Burns and Gracie Allen. While I might be younger than most who read my blog or find it by accident. I did grow up with this couple. I heard them on the radio, later saw them on TV and always they made me laugh. Reading this book made me laugh more and wish that I  had been born in a different time and era so that I might have seen them in Vaudeville too. Reading this book brought me that much closer to that bygone reality.

Book Review of Gracie: A Love Story
By George Burns

There is something special about a character who is a thief. Claire is a forger of the master’s paintings and she does them extraordinarily. It’s when things go off the beaten track that things steam up and get to be very interesting. Read this one and find out what you think of the life of a forger.

Book Review of A Lasting Impression

by Tamera Alexander

There are those that say a self-published book is never good. Those people would be wrong if they took the time to read one or two. Mike Well’s book is self-published but unlike some which are poorly done and need help – this is not the case here. Read on and learn.

Book Review of Lust, Money & Murder: Book I –  Lust
By Mike Wells

Short stories, those mini reads of thoughts, ponderings and smiles. At Christmas there is so much for us to read and we grab everything we can get our hands on. Well,  I grabbed it and thought what the hey. It was fast and there was a story. Read on and see more of what I have to say.

Book Review of “Christmas in High Heels: A Holiday Short Story”
By Gemma Halliday