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You’re looking to find a non-fiction book that is history but you thing you know it all. Well guess again. You thought you knew all the major disasters in America. If you’re anything like me, you will soon learn that so many accidents, which still touch our lives today by the laws they spawned, you’ve never heard of before. With that in mind, I’m going to share a sneak peak of the types of things found in my book soon to be published. Weather by New York Publishers or on my own, this book is coming out.

Keep in mind that what I show you now is an old newspaper transcript (more to come too). What my book contains is creative non-fiction that will have your hair standing on end. Never forget that what you are reading is real. Everything you read here happened. Close your eyes and try to erase the images if you can, but never forget the suffering that gave you safety.

Glendive, MT Train Wreck, Jun 1938

Rail Wreck Body Hunt is Widened

MILES CITY, Mont., June 21 – (UP) – Milwaukee railroad officials announcing 39 persons were known dead in the Custer creek train disaster, tonight turned their search for missing bodies to the Yellowstone river, 50 miles downstream.

The company resumed salvage operations on a remaining sleeper coach, believed to contain at least 16 more bodies. This would bring the toll to a possible 55 dead in the wreck of the transcontinental Olympian, which plunged into swollen Custer creek when a trestle washed out.

River Searched For Bodies

Sheriff’s officers in boats patrolled the Yellowstone river at Glendive and Terry in search of bodies. Three railway porters told company officials they saw seven people swept away as the train smashed into the creek.

Glendive is 50 miles downstream from the scene of the crash. One body was recovered there late Sunday. Terry is about 15 miles below the wreck. It was believed some of the bodies may have washed out of the submerged cars before they were salvaged and were carried away by the cloudburst torrent that swept down the normally-dry Custer creek channel shortly before the wreck occurred.

Four More Bodies Found

Workmen resumed repair work on a 100-tone crane used to lift the remaining submerged sleeper car from the Custer creek mud. Four bodies were recovered from the coach late last night and early today before operations were abandoned temporarily to reinforce the crane.

Railroad officials feared the heavyweight of the coach might snap the crane unless it were bolstered.

Cranes lifted all the other cars from the creek bed and the banks. Railroad officials said several days more will be required before an accurate casualty list can be completed.

The Arizona Republican, Phoenix, Arizona, Monday Morning, June 22, 1938, Vol. I No. 85


Wellsville, NY Oil Refinery Fire, Jul 1938

Exploding Tanks Hamper Firemen

H.O. Brumley’s Sinclair Gas Station on Hwy 18, 1940 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WELLSVILLE, N.Y. – July 18 – (AP) – Frequent rumbling explosions threatened new hours of terror tonight at the flame-swept $15,000,000 Sinclair Oil Refinery where three persons were killed and 75 injured last night.

Anxious firemen, weary but still determined to quench the inferno, worked near hot, bulging tanks with little heed for their own safety.

Now and then the plates in a tank would begin to shift ad swell perceptibly. An alarm would go out. Firemen would run pell mell to safer quarters. Sometimes the tanks held. Several times they blew up with terrific force. About 16 tanks had exploded by a late hour today.

The Arizona Republican, Phoenix, Arizona, Tuesday Morning, July 19, 1938, No. 62

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