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DJ Marcussen’s book The Tax Angel is a delightful and partial representation of what happens to thousands of individuals when tax season comes around. She writes with a witty style that is both concise and entertaining. It is a wonderful read for both the tax professional as well as anyone who has ever endeavored to do their own tax return.

Join Michael and his lovely new wife Kimi, a tax accountant workaholic, as they discover that the real test of love and a strong marriage can be found in trust and the dozens of scraps of paper we diligently keep for tax purposes that drive us mad. You’re in for a bumpy ride. Enjoy and don’t say you weren’t warned. Tax season can get to be scary. Ask Michael. He’ll tell you.

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Bleeding Ice-COVER ART - Grace RellieOutside the air was cold and inside Florence Keenan’s blood was cooling. It had been three hours since her heart had given its final struggle with the Angel of death and lost. With each final pump her pain had increased ten-fold until Florence prayed for death. With her last exhale she’d mentally screamed in terror as reality sank in. She was going to die. Her time had come and she wasn’t ready. She didn’t want to die. She wanted to live. So terribly bad did she want to live. And then it was all over but she didn’t immediately realize it.

…… Standing over detective Bill Smythe’s shoulder Florence began to read his notes. “They’re like reading chicken scratches,” she harrumphed . “Imagine a grown man whose handwriting is worse than a second graders.”

Slowly as she studied the page she began to see similarities and discerned his letter styling. “He thinks I was killed because of hidden money?” She felt like laughing. Her hidden money amounted to seventy-four dollars in the kitchen cookie jar. If the crook had killed her for that he was a desperate crook. She would have felt pity for him if he hadn’t killed her.

When Florence Keenan is murdered she finds that life doesn’t end with death. First she must grapple with the fact that she is a ghost and then with the knowledge that the only way her death can be avenged is to do some detecting of her own.

Detective Bill Smythe hates killers and those that kill little old ladies even more. As he works the Keenan case he frequently feels as if he’s being watched and those letters by an anonymous tipster keep him spinning but always on the trail of a killer.

Join Florence and Detective Smythe as they work side by side on parallel planes to bring a murderer to justice and cross the boundaries of time and space doing it.

Bleeding Ice is firstly a murder/mystery fantasy. At times you will be shocked and at others laugh at the antics of a ghostly lady who refuses to bow to conventions in life or in death. It soon will be available for pickup at both and Please stay tuned.


Linda Webb Cross:
“I read your story… I liked it very much!

Cathy Hunter Dermont:
“It was lovely, Elizabeth, and too short! I love it when a story makes me want more! Very nice indeed!

Janet Kazy-Garey:
“I love your story. Loved it.”

Debbie Marussen:
“Elizabeth is great! Good storyteller, believable characters and situations, excellent descriptions. Elizabeth’s stories make you want to read more.”

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Reflections of an Author

I did not choose this path, this cause. Destiny chose it for me.

I began writing for myself with small simple stories for children. Indeed that is where I thought my path lay. After all, the stories were about talking animals and fairy tale characters and the word count was short.

Then something happened. As I read more my vocabulary and my interests grew. I began to write essays and stories that a small child would not understand. The length of my stories grew as well. Soon some of the topics were quite adult. I was writing about war heros, transcontinental journeys and lost history.

Somewhere along the way I began to write romance. It has become a standby. It’s fun and enjoyable and there are so many ways to screw up, find redemption and still end up with your man at the end of the day. I’ve written several such capers and undoubtably will continue.

Then along came a subject that would change my life and my way of thinking. I wrote several articles of American history. My intention was to put them in a drawer, to publish them individually or if possible, in a series. I had no idea they would come to dominate a good deal of my life for nearly two years.

It began with a trip to New York city. I had decided to put some money where my mouth was and signed up for the Writers Digest Conference. During the time of pitching, I attempted to sell romance or a 19th centry British mystery cozy. Both ideas came off as flops. Hoping to stand out from the crowd I put an idea forth. What if my articles were a part of a book? That idea was met with resounding yes’. I now had a book to write. It was niether children’s nor romance. I had gone on to hardcore forgotten history.

The journey had just begun and as I live my life each day I discover more that needs to be done. I know we are over saturated with laws. One law has been written to explain another. Still, there are common sense laws that somehow have elluded the masses. I hope one day to bring these to light with an idea or a solution to the current problems. Perhaps my destiny will be saving the life of someone from an accident that needen happen.

Cleo Lampos is a wife, mother, teacher, friend and now a writer. With her book she teaches us yet more lessons. I highly recommend, Teaching in the Tough: Mining the Potential in Every Student. While it may have been written with the teacher in mind, there are many principals that can be applied to anyone’s life.

Here we see that Tough doesn’t have to mean Tough Love. There are many solutions to life’s problems and here Cleo shows us what she’s learned along the way to a fulfilling life. Teaching Diamonds in the Tough is a gentle self-help book in a small bejeweled package. Walk with Cleo into a world of troubled children and walk out with a smile that says we made a difference.

Cleo’s prose speak of hope and light on the other side. Written in the form of personal essays we see what types of roadblocks the modern teacher may encounter and learn life lessons that will remove both the mental and physical signs to allow for a more open understanding between teacher and student.

Just as each child and situation are different, so are the stories she shares. Life is a blessing. Cleo clearly teaches this and defines what it means to be a kind gentle soul who’s along for the whole journey.

I know you will both learn and enjoy. The teacher is in. Let life lessons begin. Be assured the ride is worth the trip.

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Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Years ago I began hunting for authors. I didn’t know any names and seldom read a book by the same author. Then, slowly I found a name that stuck out more than the rest. I’d read a book by Nora Roberts before and found it enjoyable. Then I found another by chance at a second hand shop and thought what the heck. Since then I’ve read dozens of her books and all with the same outcome. If I find a book with her name on it I buy it. If I’ve read it before and find out later when I get home, I read it again anyway. Not once have I been disappointed.

Like many peoples, I have my favorite books. Among Nora’s – my favorites above all others are the Chesapeake Bay Saga. I read them one by one and found them to be so memorable that years later I still remember these four men and think of them not as characters in a series of books but as real people living their lives in a town thousands of miles away. If I don’t see them often, that’s because I haven’t gone visiting and they’ve been to busy in their boat business to come my way. I don’t blame them and they don’t blame me.

Check this Writer Out!

There are many writers out there that we’ve never heard of. That in no way means that they aren’t good ones. In fact, they could be just as good as the ones on the best seller lists, they just haven’t gotten that word of mouth reputation that puts them over the top.


David J. Walker – is one of those writers. His stories are thought provoking and riveting. You don’t need a last name to a character to understand what drives them and that is exactly what David has done with his Wild Onion Series that takes place in Chicago.

As a long time resident of the city, David know exactly how to make the city come alive for those who’ve never visited and those that see the city streets in the dead of night, every night.

I encourage you to give this man a chance. I’m sure that all you Mystery and Detective readers will find that he’s well worth the time. In addition to his books, David has a newsletter that tells you all the new things coming out. He is also one of those rare  birds that answers messages.
So… What are you waiting for? Go check it out.

He can be reached at:

In the beginning it can be difficult to decide what to write. There are so many stories out there and all seem to be begging to be written at the same time. A writer must learn to choose what he or she feels most drawn to. That is the ultimate test.
For years my writing has taken many roads, followed many paths. From one day to the next I’ve changed from writing children’s short stories to poems to history pieces and even romantic novellas. All share a place in my heart and I regret writing none of them. However, one must learn to find ones own niche. Difficult this might be but it is a task we all must follow.
As a child I grew up with history. It became a part of me. I learned of events and people that were gone long before I came on the scene. My parents knew of them. My grandparents lived through them. I found the world rich with forgotten memories, forgotten faces and forgotten lives.
I slowly began to find my writing way. Though I continue to write everything that comes to mind, my focus has changed. I now write to tell a different story, one of heartbreak and loss followed by triumph. History tells of many strange events, most forgotten by time. I’ve taken on the task of reminding all who are willing that what once happened, should neither be overlooked nor repeated.
Join me on my quest. Write and tell me of what history has taught you that you feel needs to be remembered and why you feel so strongly about it.

About the Author: Grace Rellie is a high school graduate of Bob Jones University, a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature and the Long Ridge Writer’s Group based in Connecticut. She has been taught the writing craft under the professional guidance of 17 year long veteran editor Constance McAllister of Highlights Magazine and authors Kathryn Jensen and Anne Grant.

She is a member of the Cary Area Writer’s Group based in Illinois, which has its own blog found at, of which she occasionally contributes to.

She is interested in all areas of writing and photographic art with which she continues to experiment daily. She also maintains a blog under her pseudonym Grace Rellie, which offers writing advise to novices and encourages the sharing of ideas.

Her vast array of strange and off-track jobs keeps her mind full of story-lines and weird tales yet to be told to the curious ear. Her love of classic movies and radio shows is a quick way of rebooting after a hard day at work.

In her spare time she likes to learn new things and bring aid to those struggling, whether they be a tired person, a lonely dog or a much loved and torn stuffed animal. She likes to read a good book and get lost in other places and other times, hence her wide array of stories.



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