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To be a forger or not to be a forger, that is the question. Tamera Alexander’s character Claire Laurent struggles with this question as she fights for what she knows is right and what she can not undue. Claire’s story is written within the rich background of America’s recently ended Civil War.

Painting is Claire’s passion in life and she wants nothing more than to paint one painting that she can call her own but as a forger, her life’s blood is strengthened by the works of the masters and Claire’s own family are her masters. Then, suddenly, the unexpected happens and Claire finds herself alone and her life spiraling out of control as she is forced to flee the one city she’d begun to call home.

Alone in a new city and in the company of strangers, her every instinct tell her not to trust, she must again run. Now, truly on her own she must fend for herself. The shelter of a church gives her a place to sleep but what to do in the dawn.

The next morning, a bit of accidental eaves dropping and a chance encounter send her on her destined path but can she become the woman she longs to be? Can she truly put her past to rest and start the life of happiness she longs for? Can the man she’s come to love accept her for who she was and who she has become? Follow her journey in A Lasting Impression and see if Claire’s story leaves a lasting impression upon your mind.

            John Goff’s debut novel The Wait is written in a rich style that takes you straight to the Gulf of Mexico’s coast and the small town of Pascagoula, Mississippi where life is lived on the water and fish and shrimp set the table. Once there you will be instantly surrounded by the raucous sounds of the Kennedy clan. Whether on land or sailing the Gulf this family will hold your attention.

            The Wait is a story of four generations and the trials and triumphs of a family making its way in a new land. They left Ireland behind for a promise of a new life and this they found in Mississippi where the Gulf reminds them of the ocean they left behind with its rolling waves and tempestuous temper. Follow along as they tame and are reminded who they are by the Gulf’s sometimes docile and other times rough waters.

            John’s title is not apparent at once but as you read along it becomes apparent why he chose it. It is perfect.


ISBN: 1482329948

DJ Marcussen’s book The Tax Angel is a delightful and partial representation of what happens to thousands of individuals when tax season comes around. She writes with a witty style that is both concise and entertaining. It is a wonderful read for both the tax professional as well as anyone who has ever endeavored to do their own tax return.

Join Michael and his lovely new wife Kimi, a tax accountant workaholic, as they discover that the real test of love and a strong marriage can be found in trust and the dozens of scraps of paper we diligently keep for tax purposes that drive us mad. You’re in for a bumpy ride. Enjoy and don’t say you weren’t warned. Tax season can get to be scary. Ask Michael. He’ll tell you.

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Bleeding Ice-COVER ART - Grace RellieOutside the air was cold and inside Florence Keenan’s blood was cooling. It had been three hours since her heart had given its final struggle with the Angel of death and lost. With each final pump her pain had increased ten-fold until Florence prayed for death. With her last exhale she’d mentally screamed in terror as reality sank in. She was going to die. Her time had come and she wasn’t ready. She didn’t want to die. She wanted to live. So terribly bad did she want to live. And then it was all over but she didn’t immediately realize it.

…… Standing over detective Bill Smythe’s shoulder Florence began to read his notes. “They’re like reading chicken scratches,” she harrumphed . “Imagine a grown man whose handwriting is worse than a second graders.”

Slowly as she studied the page she began to see similarities and discerned his letter styling. “He thinks I was killed because of hidden money?” She felt like laughing. Her hidden money amounted to seventy-four dollars in the kitchen cookie jar. If the crook had killed her for that he was a desperate crook. She would have felt pity for him if he hadn’t killed her.

When Florence Keenan is murdered she finds that life doesn’t end with death. First she must grapple with the fact that she is a ghost and then with the knowledge that the only way her death can be avenged is to do some detecting of her own.

Detective Bill Smythe hates killers and those that kill little old ladies even more. As he works the Keenan case he frequently feels as if he’s being watched and those letters by an anonymous tipster keep him spinning but always on the trail of a killer.

Join Florence and Detective Smythe as they work side by side on parallel planes to bring a murderer to justice and cross the boundaries of time and space doing it.

Bleeding Ice is firstly a murder/mystery fantasy. At times you will be shocked and at others laugh at the antics of a ghostly lady who refuses to bow to conventions in life or in death. It soon will be available for pickup at both and Please stay tuned.

Distracted Living is a book of Chicago, a book of finding one’s true self and of learning that sometimes others come first. Written in a classic witty form, Eileen Lynch leads us from the bustle of Chicago’s busy downtown district to the slower carefree pace of Albuquerque, New Mexico and back.
Cilla Perkins is a self-absorbed woman who lives the law of the electronic age. Her cell phone is permanently stuck to her hand until a car accident by text sends her before a judge. Now she must teach a class on cell phone etiquette. Her six-week journey with her students yields much and she soon finds her life changed by her class just as much her students do.
Distracted Living is Mainstream Fiction at its finest. The style is easy to follow and the characters are more than real. We know them, understand them and feel that they have become our friends.
Join the journey. “Put your cell phone down and pick up your life,” as Cilla says. She has a point. After all, if you were playing with your cell phone you wouldn’t have time to read this book or even this review.

Enjoy Eileen Lynch, “The Musical Writer.”

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A World of Joy – Book Review

A World of Joy is a Christmas anthology of over twenty short stories written by writers across the globe whose simple wish is to spread holiday joy. Each story is charming by itself but taken together they represent all the gifts and all the wonders of the glittering Christmas world. As you flip through the pages, snow will twirl around you, lights sparkle through windows and the spirit of Christmas will be in the air. Inside gifts are being left under the tree, people you always wanted to meet are dropping by and hugs are being exchanged for flavorful aromatic cookies.

We hope A World of Joy will bring a smile to your lips as you journey through its pages and see that wishes do come true. This compendium of cheer is sure to brighten your holiday and remind you of that happy childhood feeling associated with tearing and shredding wrapping paper in anticipation of that long desired gift.

The goal of every writer is a work published. To see words we put to paper or blank screen on the page of a book that we can hold is a dear sight to us all. We long for that day and work constantly in hopes that tomorrow, next week, month or year will be that day. Today is that day for me. My short story, Weekend Wife is in this new book published by Grey Mouse Publishers under the name of Elizabeth Rye. I ts my turn to say,  “Yea, I did it! Im published!


Please pick up a copy of A World of Joy and enjoy reading from this collection of short Christmas stories. They have been specifically tailored to be wholesome and friendly to all ages and religions. You will find that they can comfortably be reading aloud to the whole family.


Available as a FREE download at the following locations on November 29th, 2013 (Black Friday):

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Please leave a review and let all these splendid authors know that their goal of holiday cheer was accomplished. As a fellow writer or a reader who appreciates the writing craft you understand how a few simple words does wonders for the soul. If possible, please drop me a line here and let me  know  what you thought of my short story. I had fun writing, Weekend Wife and I hope you will have fun reading it.


From all of us, thanks so much for your encouragement. You help make it all possible.

Cleo Lampos is a wife, mother, teacher, friend and now a writer. With her book she teaches us yet more lessons. I highly recommend, Teaching in the Tough: Mining the Potential in Every Student. While it may have been written with the teacher in mind, there are many principals that can be applied to anyone’s life.

Here we see that Tough doesn’t have to mean Tough Love. There are many solutions to life’s problems and here Cleo shows us what she’s learned along the way to a fulfilling life. Teaching Diamonds in the Tough is a gentle self-help book in a small bejeweled package. Walk with Cleo into a world of troubled children and walk out with a smile that says we made a difference.

Cleo’s prose speak of hope and light on the other side. Written in the form of personal essays we see what types of roadblocks the modern teacher may encounter and learn life lessons that will remove both the mental and physical signs to allow for a more open understanding between teacher and student.

Just as each child and situation are different, so are the stories she shares. Life is a blessing. Cleo clearly teaches this and defines what it means to be a kind gentle soul who’s along for the whole journey.

I know you will both learn and enjoy. The teacher is in. Let life lessons begin. Be assured the ride is worth the trip.

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When you think of the great show-biz couple in the days of Radio and early television you might think of George Burns and Gracie Allen. They were known world over and for a real-life couple they made quite a fuss.

I read this book years ago and like one of their radio dramas I couldn’t stop reading. George was quite a man. He had a good business sense and his wife Gracie was a partner in everything. They had a good home life and a good working relationship. They are a couple all couples should strive to be like.

Reading the stories was a joy. George brings to life for the reader an experience, not just a book. It’s real and it makes it all the more wonderful to read. You feel so much love coming from him towards the little woman in his life that you can’t help but wonder how he got around when she was gone.

Read this and see if you don’t feel the same thing. Hollywood can be ruff but if you have a good partner anything is possible.

If you like nonfiction and adventure this is the book for you. Stephen Bower Young writes this true tale that he lived through so well that it sounds like a novel. You feel every emotion that these trapped and all but doomed men feel. You hear the dared for hope as the men gamble in the bowls of the ship whether they will die first by asphyxiation or drown.


Then you travel with the few men who will decide the fate of all as they make a daring trip to the surface to save those that can’t help themselves.

I’ve read many books over the years about real events and none have made me fight more for survival than these men. They were heroes of a different sort that show us what real courage is and make us strive to be more than ordinary. These men fought the battle and won, they’ve earned the title extraordinary.

Seth Quinn’s very early life had been little better than living in the dump. His mother needed him more than he’d ever needed her and then when the going got tough, she’d sold him. No goodbye, no I’m so sorry. She’d just reached her finger-nailed hand out and taken the money and closed the door, leaving him with an entire stranger.

He’d thought his life had gone to the extreme south until he learned that the man who’d bought him was actually his grandfather. Ray Quinn was a good man but before Seth could get used to the idea of living in a new place and enjoying his life with Ray, Ray had taken ill and died, leaving him in the hands of three new strangers.

It seemed the ultimate betrayal but in time Seth learned that his brothers, Cam, Ethan and Phillip would do anything to keep him safe. He remembered the time they’d even take on the bully at school for him. Now grown up Seth is returning to the small town on the New England coast that he grew up in. World famous for his art, he just wants to enjoy his family and find a place to rest.

But resting is not in the cards for Seth as like his brothers before him, a woman gets in his way and refuses to leave his mind. Attractive is the word that describes Dru Whitecomb Banks. Hesitation is what he gets from her and it is up to Seth to solve the problems in his own life so that he can help Dru to get past hers and trust that what they’ve found is worth fighting for.

Join the thrilling adventures of the Quinn men as they come to terms with new roads in their lives. They’ll meet new people and new paths will open up before them. The reader will enjoy the stumbling journey of the Quinn’s and soon count them among their friends.

As usual Nora Roberts knows how to deliver with power. Chesapeake Blue is the final chapter in a four-book saga. To this series she brings to the reader all the charm of a New England town and the people who live there. We join in the lifelike experiences of the Quinn’s and at times feel the raw emotions intertwined in each man. We watch as the Quinn’s slowly come to realize that love is the most important gift of all.

As readers, the beauty of a saga is that we don’t have to say goodbye at the last page; we can pick up the next installment and carry on right where we left off. So do so, you’ll fall in love all over again with Cameron, Ethan, Phillip and young Seth (soon to be a man in the final book) and like the first three, its worth it.

(So read #1 “Sea Swept,” #2 “Rising Tides,” #3“Inner Harbor” & #4 “Chesapeake Blue”)

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