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Chicago Art

For those of you who have wondered where the writer disappeared to, I’ll let you in on the secret. I’ve been drawing.

Like many people in the world of the arts I too enjoy the pleasure of more than one form of expression. Semi-consistently now for the past year I have been putting pen to paper and creating different scenes from Chicago’s present in the form of not words but of sketches.

Perhaps there will come a day when the scene I have recreated will no longer exist. When/if that day comes I will have given the world a slice of history. Since by and large most of my sketches are representations of photographs I’ve taken I already have found that some scenes no longer exist as new buildings have been added that where not there before. So history already has changed.

Please join me on this journey as well.

I can be found on Facebook as

and on Instagram at @Chicago_ sketchbook

Here are just a few examples of what you’ll find there.

I hope to see you there soon.

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The Pickwick Theatre Classic Film Series’ Screening of Thunderball –


It’s that time again for watching zaniness in action. Join us at the Pickwick Theater for a rollicking laugh fest. It’s time for the Marx Brothers!!!!


It’s time to hear Groucho make some cracks and ad-lib his way out of trouble.

It’s time to watch Chico in action as he sells a singer’s voice.

Marx Brothers (A Night at the Opera)_09.jpg

It’s time to watch Harpo chase some pretty girls or play some music for them before the chase.


This Thursday (March 10, 2016) we want to find out how many people we can pack into the Pickwick Theater Lobby. Then we want to see if we can fill the theater. It’s going to be a time for side-splitting laughter as we watch the boys go through their round-about way of getting their way.


Don’t forget to come early and hear Chicago’s Foremost Organist Jay Warren tickle your musical ear. Then we’ll have a Laurel and Hardy short for you. See what “Fine Mess,” the boys get themselves into in the Hal Roach Short, Thicker Than Water.



A Night At The Opera (1935)


March 10, 2016

Live Organ music by Famed Organist Jay Warren at 7pm

Feature 7:30 p.m. (92 Minutes)


The Pickwick Theater

5 S. Prospect Ave. Park Ridge, ILL



Regular – Day of $10 / Advanced $8

Seniors – Day of $7 / Advanced $6

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It’s Halloween and at the Pickwick we bring two kings of laughter in Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. This duo has to contend with the worst of the goonies in Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolf Man and the Invisible Man. It’s not the easiest of tasks and they don’t believe it at first but in time they will have to make up their minds that this is real or they will never see the light of day again. The Spooks are our to get you.



Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)


October 29, 2015

Doors open at 6:30 pm

Live Organ music by David Drazin at 7:00 pm

Feature starts approx. 7:30 pm (83 Minutes)


The Pickwick Theater

5 S. Prospect Ave. Park Ridge, ILL



Regular – Day of $10 / Advanced $8

Seniors – Day of $7 / Advanced $6

Diamonds in Our Midst

Many people I know and consider my friends talk about finding their soulmate. That person, they tell me, is hard to find and once found the best gift the universe has to offer.

For myself, I’m not sure about the Universe but I do firmly believe that there are special people that will appear in each of our lives. Some are fleeting but they serve a purpose and fulfill a need for that small segment of time they are in our lives.

Others, are lasting. They might be lifelong friends we meet as children, who we grow up beside and remain with us our whole lives. Some find us in the middle and help us along and still others find us near the end and bring light into those remaining years. Each is equally needed and loved.

But there is that One person who is different somehow. That person is the one who stands beside us and holds our hand in times of need. They are the shoulder we cry on, the most trusted person in our lives. They bring laughter and joy. At odd moments of the day when they are somewhere else they are still beside us. That person’s love and support is with us at every turn in the road. If we are smart and very lucky that person, who sometimes is labeled soulmate, also is our helpmate.

Hopefully someone reading this, who perhaps was ready to give up, will change their mind. Someone is out there waiting for them as they have waited and it isn’t a little green man. It could be someone who wants to give you green (money, flowers).

Please check this out. If you live in the area and have ever wanted to say Hi, now is your chance. I’ll be there and so will a great movie.

What would life be like if nothing ever happened?


Writing is a free-for-all of all of thoughts and activities. Anything that comes to the mind or any action the body can perform can be translated to the written word. Life is creativity and a huge supply of both the mundane, mediocre and the fantastic. All can be wrapped up in one package known as Pandora’s Box. Once opened humanity will suffer from a jarring strain on the nervous systems that threatens to implode.


The reality is that we can’t stop the inevitable from happening. We can advise, warn and tell others not to do things but in the end we can’t stop them from doing what they will. Destiny is the unknown and we are indeed powerless to understand it or prevent it.


Old, what defines old? Is it a time, an age or a memory on the verge of forgetfulness? Some shop owners define an antique as being any object of fifty years but does that mean that when we ourselves slight forward from forty-nine to fifty that we too are old? If our memories hold true, if we can get up and journey onward doesn’t that mean we haven’t reached the winter of our lives?


I submit that to be old, one no longer remembers self. Time itself has forgotten that way of life. Our history books inform us of that other time and place before our parents and grandparents were thought of.


            John Goff’s debut novel The Wait is written in a rich style that takes you straight to the Gulf of Mexico’s coast and the small town of Pascagoula, Mississippi where life is lived on the water and fish and shrimp set the table. Once there you will be instantly surrounded by the raucous sounds of the Kennedy clan. Whether on land or sailing the Gulf this family will hold your attention.

            The Wait is a story of four generations and the trials and triumphs of a family making its way in a new land. They left Ireland behind for a promise of a new life and this they found in Mississippi where the Gulf reminds them of the ocean they left behind with its rolling waves and tempestuous temper. Follow along as they tame and are reminded who they are by the Gulf’s sometimes docile and other times rough waters.

            John’s title is not apparent at once but as you read along it becomes apparent why he chose it. It is perfect.


ISBN: 1482329948

The Importance of Voting

Most people don’t realize that voting is both an honor and a privilege. In some other countries people don’t have the option to vote. Often times they go to the polls to cast their ballot and there’s only one name to choose from (Historically Russia’s Mikhail Gorbacev.) It’s a take it or leave it situation where the only possible outcome is getting that person. Yea or nee, it doesn’t matter what the people think, what they want or don’t want. That one person on the ballot is what they get. These people wish with all their hearts that they were able to choose the person they wanted to represent them. We get that chance!

We get to vote for the person of our choice. In most races there are two names or more on the ballot, even in the Primary. If we want to be represented by someone who believes in the same things we do, understands us and has proven themselves by keeping his/her word and done what they promised in the past then we must vote for him/her.

Sadly, the truth is, less than sixty percent of the nation is registered to vote. Less than half of these people go to the poles. That leaves only about thirty percent of registered voters making the decisions. If it’s snowing hard, it’s raining with gusty winds making stepping outside your door a hardship or if it’s absolutely miserably cold, that thirty percent could drop to nearly half. Now we have about fifteen percent of voters deciding on who will represent the masses. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is.

People like to say, “It’s only one vote. How much could it really mean?” The reality is that if enough people say and think that problems ensue. The answer can be found in the 2000 presidential election when the tallies were so close that multiple recounts were done. In some local races people have lost by one and two votes. A few years ago in McHenry County, Illinois there was a race that was decided by a coin toss when the candidates had equal vote counts.

Something to think about is how we react to the outcomes. When an official does something we don’t like, everyone complains. We hear, “How did that person even get on the ballot? I don’t like their new policy. That person is no good.” We hear all of these complaints. What we don’t hear is someone being truthful. We don’t hear someone admitting, “I didn’t vote. I’m not registered. So I can’t really complain about it.  If you didn’t vote you have absolutely nothing to complain about. By not voting, you allowed him
/her to win.

If you live in Illinois, remember that the polls open at 6 a.m. this Tuesday (March 18, 2014) and close at 7 p.m. remember that every day men and women in uniform give their lives for freedom. If we don’t vote you are throwing that freedom away. So please “Go out and vote!”

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